Woodbridge Cloverleaf

Woodbridge, New Jersey

New Jersey’s famed Woodbridge Cloverleaf, constructed in 1928, was the very first vehicular traffic interchange of its type built in the United States. Prior to its replacement in the early 2000s by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the cloverleaf was judged eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places and by virtue of this designation, the interchange required documentation before it could be rebuilt. Hunter Research historians researched the origins and design development of this significant engineering artifact, interviewing transportation professionals and scouring old plans and specifications. In 2012, working with Dave Sica and Eric Weisgerber of Sica Productions, our firm oversaw and helped create a 30-minute, award-winning documentary video “The Woodbridge Cloverleaf:  Onramps to Innovation” which includes historical footage, interviews and engaging animation to show the basic principles behind cloverleaf traffic flow.