Trenton Ferry Historic District

City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey

Hunter Research conducted an intensive-level historic architectural survey and eligibility evaluation followed by preparation of National Register documentation for the Trenton Ferry Historic District, an urban mixed-use neighborhood composed primarily of working-class row homes, duplexes, commercial buildings, schools and churches. The vast majority of the historic resources date to the 19th and early 20th centuries, although some significant ties to the district’s 18th-century past survive. Consistency of scale, massing, form and materials has led to a diverse, yet cohesive, collection of buildings that together form a rich streetscape and give the district a unified architectural character. The architectural character mostly falls within categories of “Late Victorian,” although many revival styles are also represented, and all can be found within the Mid-Atlantic’s vernacular building traditions.

The survey encompassed 70 acres and approximately 879 individual parcels. 582 contributing buildings were surveyed and inventoried. Archival research included work in historic maps, photographs and Trenton histories with the preparation of a statement of historic significance. The work products included survey forms for key-contributing properties and a draft National Register of Historic Places Nomination, including digital photographs and maps produced using GIS ArcView software. The district received New Jersey and National Register listing in 2013.