Trenton Area Parks and Historic Sites

Multiple Locations in Mercer County, New Jersey

Over the past 20 years, Hunter Research has been instrumental in establishing countless historic interpretive signs and exhibits at historic sites and in parks all across central New Jersey. In historic downtown Trenton we have created sign clusters in the landscaped areas around the New Jersey State House, in Mill Hill Park and most recently (2019) in Battle Monument Park. The innovative historic exhibits in South River Walk Park on top of the Route 29 tunnel in south Trenton, installed in 2003-04, received a federal award for environmental excellence and continue to educate visitors about the history of the Middle Delaware Valley. Signs in the Olmsted-designed Cadwalader Park in West Trenton inform the local neighborhoods of the fascinating heritage on their doorstep. For the Mercer County Park System, we have created signage at Mercer Meadows Park highlighting the global telecommunications technology of the early 20th century, at the Abbott Marshlands celebrating the natural, historical and archaeological resources of the Abbott Farm National Historic Landmark, and at Mercer County Park introducing the recently completed stabilized ruin of the John Rogers House.