Trenton in 1775 Mapping Project

City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey

In 2007-08, for the Trenton Historical Society, with grant assistance from the New Jersey Historical Commission, Hunter Research undertook a challenging and ambitious historical research and cartographic project: creating a detailed map of the town, its roads, dwellings and principal public buildings, along with a delineation of land ownership, on the eve of the American Revolution, right before the Battles of Trenton. Rooted in archival research into land records (chiefly deeds, mortgages and road surveys), surrogates records, tax records and contemporary maps, the ultimate product of this work was a property-specific, reconstructed historic map superimposed over a modern aerial base, accompanied by tabulations of individual land plots and source materials. This valuable product has stood the test of time well and after more than a decade is now routinely consulted by researchers, scholars and land use professionals studying colonial Trenton.