Thomas Edison State College Historical Brochure

Trenton, New Jersey

Thomas Edison State College provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults. Its campus is as non-traditional as its educational approach: the college is located in a handful of buildings scattered across downtown Trenton, the centerpiece of which is the Kelsey Building, designed by Cass Gilbert (architect of the Woolworth Building) and built in 1911 as a memorial to Prudence Townsend Kelsey. Several other college buildings are also historic, including a row of 19th-century townhouses and the former home of Trenton industrialist Rudolph V. Kuser.

The rich history of the buildings and their geographic dispersion across the downtown merited a guidebook. Hunter Research was contracted by Thomas Edison State College to design, research and write a guide to the college's buildings that is aimed as much at the prospective student and campus visitor as it is to the history tourist visiting downtown Trenton. Drawing on historic photos, the full-color, 24-page brochure contains sections on each of the college buildings; where modern buildings have replaced historic structures, the reader learns the complete history of the site. There is also a reference map on the inside cover.