Non-Technical Summaries of Cultural Resources Projects

In developing transportation projects, New Jersey Department of Transportation staff and consultants collect, analyze and report on a great deal of information under the general heading of cultural resources. The results of this work are presented in professionally prepared technical reports that provide the basis for detailed consultation with other agencies, but the information is not readily available to the public.

Hunter Research designed the Cultural Resources Digest, a template for synthesizing the report information in a four- to 12-page format accessible to the interested reader. Five projects were the subjects of the inaugural run. Concurrently, a mailing list was generated, and the first five numbers of the Digest were mailed to every high school and college library, historical society, local and county historical agency, and several state- and federal agencies that routinely deal with cultural resources. 

The format is now used to produce additional issues of the Digest for larger cultural resource projects undertaken by NJDOT.