Matthew F. Pihokker

GIS Specialist, M.A., RPA

Resume    |    E-mail    |    (609) 695-0122 ext. 110


Mr. Pihokker has been with Hunter Research as a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Specialist since 2013. He has extensive experience in survey and site documentation, as well as archaeological illustration, cartography, and spatial modeling. At Hunter, Mr. Pihokker is responsible for both supervising and manipulating geospatial data, and regularly assists in the production of report graphics. He has also applied his knowledge of database management toward the creation of a paperless documentation system. He has participated in a number of projects combining survey, mapping, and landscape analysis, most notably the Forts Landscape Project in New York City's Central Park. In addition to his work in cultural resource management, Mr. Pihokker has archaeological experience outside of the United States; he has taken part in survey and excavation projects throughout Greece.


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