Jersey City Warehouse Historic District

Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey

From 2010-2012 Hunter Research completed a survey and National Register nomination for the Powerhouse Arts District in downtown Jersey City under contract with the city’s planning department.  This project consisted of background research, fieldwork and assessment of the individual and historic district potential of properties located within an area of the city containing numerous old warehouse buildings.  It resulted in local landmarks designation for five properties, a National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form for warehouse properties in Hudson County, and three individual National Register nomination forms for warehouses in downtown Jersey City. The warehouses were evaluated as significant under Criterion A for association with the development of national wholesale and retail distribution networks, including early cash-and-carry supermarkets and discount stores such as A&P, Butler Brothers and the Ben Franklin Five-and-Dime chain.  The warehouses were officially listed on the New Jersey Register in 2015, however, due to the wishes of private owners the nominations were not advanced to the National Register for final listing.