Central Park

Manhattan, New York City

Central Park is known as one of the world’s premier urban parks, historically founded in the genius of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Less well known is that Central Park has many hidden archaeological resources associated with the pre-park era from old colonial roads, taverns and farms to Revolutionary War and War of 1812 fortifications and even the remnants of an entire village (Seneca Village) that was condemned to make space for the park. For nearly three decades, Hunter Research has worked with the Central Park Conservancy on a variety of projects to identify and map these resources, and to assist park managers, landscape architects and conservators with protecting and designing projects that respect the park’s significant archaeology. Much of this work is closely coordinated with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to ensure compliance with the city’s preservation laws. A significant outcome of all of this work has been an opportunity to inform the community about the park’s archaeology through tours, presentations and outdoor exhibits.